Important Dos and Don’ts on LinkedIn

I get a lot of questions from people about LinkedIn Marketing. Not only do people want to market themselves on LinkedIn but they want to market their businesses as well. With more and more people joining LinkedIn everyday for networking and business purposes, it is more important then ever to be using LinkedIn correctly and to make sure your personal and company profiles stand out.

Being a professional social media marketing website, it is very important to be professional and grammatically accurate with your profile and everything you post on the site. Just like with other profiles, you need to keep it active. If you are not posting new content on your pages and the groups you belong to on a daily basis you are missing out on a huge pool of people that have the potential to see what you write. Below are some other Dos and Don’ts to consider when marketing yourself and your business on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business

Via Salesforce

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