Facebook Marketing for Businesses

Facebook is a global social media platform that connects over 1.94 billion active users every month. Mark Zuckerberg has revolutionised the social media industry using the Facebook application. With over 10 million websites with Like or Share buttons on their websites, it is no doubt that it provides an opportunity for all entrepreneurs to indulge in this. With a record breaking 5 new Facebook accounts being opened every second, Facebook is still growing its market reach, with an estimated 27.638 billion dollars in revenue largely generated through Facebook business adverts. In fact, eMarket says that about 41% of business in the US use Facebook as part of their online marketing strategies. There are various ways in which you can effectively market your business on Facebook.

Facebook Adverts

These are adverts that have been slotted into people’s timeline. Facebook has invested in state of the art technology to further its market reach and analyse its customer’s activity which is in turn used to optimise various aspects and words on a page. Facebook adverts may appear as banners, or sponsored pages on an individual’s timeline.

Facebook Pages

With the recently changed appearances of Facebook Business pages, they have been designed to better market your products or services. This is so that people can easily find information about you and easily access more information about your business.

Facebook’s Messenger app

This is Facebook’s messaging application that is optimised and contains Messenger bots who generate automatic responses helping you connect and serve customers efficiently and effectively.

Facebook and Instagram

With the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook generates millions of dollars monthly through the integration of the two. The deal netted Systrom Company about 400 million dollars.

Extensive Audience Network

Other mobile apps and websites have integrated Facebook in them, hence extending the audience reach extensively.

Atlas Facebook Plug in

You can now monitor and compare how your adverts performed and the types of people that were reached across the various devices, publishers, channels and browsers. This helps you to understand the market reach and the audiences who visit your site.

Tips on effective Facebook Marketing

· Facebook Page Optimisation

This is key in ensuring that the page is has effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This means that users can type the category of business and conclusively have your page as one of the top searches. Once the page has attracted an audience, it will be easy to do Facebook marketing.

· Choose Subtle and Descriptive Usernames

Your Facebook page name generates a URL which basically is like your web address (for instance, www.facebook.com/youfacebookpage). The name should collectively convey the topic of your business on your Facebook page and customers may also find you on Facebook search as well as other search engines like google.

· Describe Your Business Effectively

The About us’ section of the Facebook page should convey the general scope of the business. Use very descriptive words which are straight to the point. Just like any good marketing strategy, do not focus on the product specifications, but focus on why the client may need your product.

· Use Facebook Groups

You may selectively choose to target various groups that are on Facebook who generally have interest in your business. This can be effectively used as it may go viral and they can share with friends and friends of friends.

· Use Plugins Effectively

Your website should work seamlessly with Facebook. Have plugins and buttons from Facebook on your websites to allow your clients to interact with the same audience which widens your market.


It is no doubt that social media marketing has become widespread in the recent years. It is therefore advisable that you use social media to market your products and services effectively which helps you achieve a wider audience.

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