Tips on How to Use Facebook to Build Your Business: Part 1

Currently, the extensive use of social media has led to businesses opening the various channels to advertise their brand. Facebook has a record number of users in one social media channel; over one billion users. This has made Facebook marketing become widely used so as to increase their visibility. Opening a Facebook page to market one’s business is therefore highly recommended as there are a lot of advantages as compared to other social media channels.

Facebook marketing page gives the business a platform to display its company name and logo. This greatly increases the brand of the business to the broad audience that visits Facebook every day. When the Facebook users are reading the time line of the page, they become aware of the brand personality of the company. Moreover, the administrator of the page is permitted to comment on other pages which significantly increases visibility.

The costs of opening a Facebook marketing page are almost nil. It is also easy to edit the page. For instance, for the profile photo, one needs just to take a picture of the business and upload it as the cover photo. The only costs incurred are when you pay for ads so as to get page likes or when one is running sponsored statuses. Moreover, the Facebook ads are relatively cheaper as compared to other traditional ways of advertising.

Lastly, a Facebook page for your business enables one reach the target audience. However, though Facebook has more than one billion users, not all will like the Facebook market page. Facebook marketing therefore allows one to direct their ads to a target audience within a specific mile radius of your choice. One is therefore sure that the right audience has got the message.

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