Tips on How to Use Facebook to Build Your Business: Part 2

Facebook has already taken its place as the social media platform with the highest number of users. Though it initially started as a channel for social communication, it has quickly been adopted as the channel of choice for social media marketing.

Today, almost 99% of the businesses have a website which serves as a point of a sales transaction, an online platform for the clients buying the products or/and as a source of information about the business. The business website, therefore, is an ideal tool for leveraging the existing traffic by placing the social media icons in an appropriate place where the visitors can easily see and click on them. One, therefore, can put the Facebook icon that will directly link the website visitor to the Face book page of the business.

To increase the number of followers on Facebook as well as increase the level of awareness of your business, one can integrate Facebook plug-ins on the business website. A Facebook Like Box or a Like Button is suitable for a business website containing sidebars.

Lastly, the @ Facebook feature is a very important tool as it is most likely to make the target audience feel important being part of the Facebook business page. The @ feature allows an administrator of the business page to tag people as well as other pages created on Facebook. The usage of the @ feature portrays appreciation and enthusiasm, and it is likely to create a loyal relationship between the business and its customers.

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